Is the jacket also available with other color variations?
Traditional Moto-Cuir jackets have been available in different color variations. We decided to choose black-black and black-white for the first collection of the new Moto-Cuir leather jacket. Other color combinations are planned in future collections. If you have a preference for those future colors – send an email and tell us. Maybe we choose your preference for the next collection.

Sponsoring and Promotion
Moto-Cuir UG is a small start up company. We therefore cannot sponsor your projects by now.

Iconic Moto-Cuir products have appeared in several cine films and on TV. We can  support your film production by giving you jackets on loan. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us.


Are the jackets made especially as protection equipment for bikers?
The jackets are a remake of the iconic Moto-Cuir biker jacket. They are designed as fashion products but not as professional protection equipment for bikers. We therefore point out that they should NOT be used as protection equipment for bikers on road traffic.


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